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About me...

Hi, I'm Dave!  And, I'm just a normal dude that really likes to grill and cook.  I'm a husband, father to two beautiful children, brother, get the point.  I have a day job that consumes far too much of my life.  Like I said, just a normal dude.  A normal dude that loves good food!  And good drinks, can't forget the drinks. 


I'm not classically trained by any means unless you consider a few kids cooking classes when I was probably 6 years old "classically trained."  Funny story, I got my knife privilege revoked pretending to stab my older brother in the class and that's all she wrote.  At the time, I was more interested in playing sports.  Fast forward to my freshman year in college where I had to fend for myself and that's where I started discovering the art of good barbecue.  I've now been grilling for 20+ years and have quiet a few tried and true recipes that have stood the test of time and the test of many hungry mouths.  But, I still have a TON to learn and there are many cuts of meat and techniques that I have never attempted...until now!  I look forward to growing my breadth and depth of knowledge alongside you...yes, you!  


How many of you have followed a recipe and it either comes out burnt, flavorless or just "blah"?  If you aren't shaking your head or raising your hand, this site may not be for you.  But, I still encourage you to look around and find some inspiration.

I started this site for those of you that did shake your head or raise your hand as I'm sick and tired of the normal cooking sites that have recipes and instructions but never talk through the pitfalls and the lessons.  Unless I'm alone on an island here, I have to assume most professional chefs have attempted those recipes countless times and know what not to do. 


That's why I'm here.  Together, we are going to go on food journeys and I will share the lessons I learned throughout my cooking sessions and our community (yes, that includes you) will share their experiences as well.  We'll make lots of mistakes, but we're going to learn from those mistakes and eventually become masters of the art of grilling and cooking.

Big kitchen knife lying on an old cuttin
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