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Flaming Barbecue Meat

Affliate Partnerships

Traeger Grills

Traeger hit the BBQ scene and turned it on it's head...and rightfully so.  These smoker grills are absolutely amazing and worth the investment.  Honestly, I refused to buy one for a long time as I felt it was cheating and against the art of smoking.  But then I got married, developed a career, had know, that thing called life happened and I no longer had the time to sit by a smoker and tend a fire (while drinking a few too many beers).  This smoker grill allows you to still work, enjoy your family, all while being able to cook amazing meals!  It's worth it's weight in gold.  

ThermoWorks Thermometers

ThermoWorks thermometers are the best in the business.  Watch any BBQ competition and nearly every expert uses ThermoWorks products.  Once you use one, you'll understand.  These aren't cheaply made and are extremely fast and accurate...which, when cooking to a specific temperature, is critically important.  I use two of their products regularly, the Thermapen and Smoke.  The Thermapen is with me at all times while cooking proteins, it's arguably my #1 tool.  For long cooks where I also require accurate ambient temperatures, I use my Smoke.        


The Home Depot

Didn't expect to see The Home Depot here did you?  Nor did I until I realized how many products and brands they have that I use everyday.  They also have a TON of barbecue items, including grills such as my Dyna-Glo that I purchased from them.  They also have a killer selection of popular barbecue brands such as Weber, Kamado Joe, and Nexgrill.  They also have every accessory you could want from meat claws to grilling sets.  Did I mention they have free shipping on most items?  So yeah, that's just some of the reasons I'm proud to work with them.  


Bed Bath and Beyond

Last but definitely not least, for all things kitchen and cooking tools related, there's Bed Bath and Beyond.  They have every kitchen tool you could desire from marinating tubs, to poultry shears, to time saving tools such as food processors and garlic peelers.  What I also love about them is that they regularly have 20% off coupons available which can save a decent amount of money.  They also have free shipping on most items which paired with the 20% off coupon can typically come in cheaper than sites like Amazon.   

Affiliate disclosure: As an affiliate of these programs, including, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases at absolutely zero cost to you.

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