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  • David Skarin

Hawaiian Pulled Pork Sliders

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

This is a combination of multiple recipes to create an epic pulled pork slider. This has the taste of the Hawaiian Islands in every bite and is absolutely magical!

This is an absolute must have on the menu of any tropical themed event or barbecue. Or, if you just want a taste of the islands and pretend you’re on a tropical beach somewhere, this is the meal for you!


Fast Facts

Category: Pork, Other

Cut: Pork Shoulder

Prep Time: 5 Minutes assuming you’re just assembling…45-60 minutes if starting from scratch

Estimated Cook Time: Not applicable if ready to assemble…14-15 hours if starting from scratch

Actual Cook Time: 12 ½ Hours

Total Time: 14 Hours

Cook Date: September 12, 2020


Ingredient List

Supply List



Step 1: Toast your Hawaiian Sweet Roll to preferred temperature.

Step 2: Add your desired amount of Hawaiian Pulled Pork, topped with as much Hawaiian BBQ and Pineapple Coleslaw as you want!

Nanea! (Enjoy in Hawaiian)

Lessons Learned (Note: I will update this section to include your lessons learned from the comment section)


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